Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Abstracts      Lithium-Battery Technology-REE Abstracts

Keynote:  Recent Growth of Nickel Laterite Processing in Indonesia
Taufiq Hidayat: Metallurgy Engineering Research Group, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Hydrometallurgy Versus Pyrometallurgy for Processing Sea Nodules
Mike Dry: Arithmetek, Canada

The Atlas Materials Process for Low Carbon Nickel
David Dreisinger: Atlas Materials, Canada

Investigating The Impact of High Temperature Agitation Leaching on The Rate of Oxime Degradation
Andrew Nisbett:

Production of Battery Grade Nickel and Cobalt Sulfate from Nickel Laterite Ore
Kaixi Jiang: BGRIMM Technology Group, China

Impurity Removal Piloting for The TECH Project – Manganese, Zinc and Calcium Removal, Gypsum Management, and Transformation and Purification SX for Production of High Purity Cobalt Sulfate
Boyd Willis: Boyd Willis Hydromet Consulting, Australia 

Extending Autoclave Service Life Beyond the Third Decade
Evelyn Ng: Callidus Group, Australia

Selective Co-Extraction of Ni&Co From High Ca/Mg Solutions
Shengxi Wu: Central South University, China

A New Vortex Erosion Test Methodology for Evaluating Erosion Resistance
Bon Nguyen: CSIRO MIneral Resources, Australia

Solution RateTechniques for Copper Ore Column Leaching Testing
Fernando Zeballos: Compañía de Minas Buenaventura, Peru

Implementation of Selective Oxidation at Lihir Gold Operations Papua New Guinea
John O’Callaghan: Consultant, Australia

Evaluation of Carbonate and Phosphate Based Biocement for In-Situ Barrier Operations
Pelin Polat, Navdeep Dhami: Curtin University, Australia

Clays Contained in Mineral Ores and Their Effects on Solid-Liquid Separation Processes.
Andrew Hawkey: Diemme Filtration, Australia

Long-Term Experiences and New Developments in Autoclave Linings for High-Pressure Leaching and Pressure Oxidation Processes
Daniel Kessler: DSB Säurebau, Germany

Modelling and Simulation of Nickel Solution Purification in Industrial Jarosite Autoclaves
Johann Steyl; Dynamet Insights , South Africa

HPAL Autoclave Performance: A Comprehensive Design Exploration
Wolfgang Keller: EKATO, Germany

Innovative and Low-Cost Technologies for Extraction of Nickel, Cobalt, and Manganese from Laterite Deposits (Abstract to be added)
Maxim Sredki: ERM (Sustainable Mining Services), Australia

Diluent Selection and Its Impact on Performance
Jia Tian Lee ExxonMobili Pacific, Singapore

Breaking Free of The New Mine Development Catch-22  
Matt Schneider: Idoba, Australia

Microwave Processing of Ores – Commercial Realisation of A Step Change For The Minerals Industry
David Craig: Jenike & Johanson, USA

Integration of Hydrometallurgy Process and Mineral Carbonation Technology 
Yasunori Nozoe:
JGC Corporation, Japan

Technology Selection and Flow Sheet Optimisation for Nickel and Cobalt Sulphate Crystallisation Plants
Nipen Shah: JordProxa, Australia (Abstract to be added)

Reprocessing of Old Refractory Tailings-A Case Study of A Zambian Mine
Milton Simukoku, Sakala Chisulo: Konkola Copper Mines, Zambia

Halion Loop – Leaching of Cobalt From Pyrite (Abstract to be added)
Dave Sammut: Loop Hydrometallurgy, Australia

Nickel Laterites — Grade Definition and Process Optimization by Mineralogical Monitoring Using X‐Ray Diffraction XRD
Uwe König:
Malvern Panalytical, The Netherlands

Development in Battery Metals Solvent Extraction Process Design and Simulation
Hannu Laitala: Metso Finland, Finland

More Out of Tailings: Metal and Acid Production, Circularity and Energy Transition
Darryl Harris: Metso Germany, Germany

From Fire Assay Nickel Sulphide Collection Waste to Nickel Hydroxide
James Tshilongo: MINTEK, South Africa

Proposed Bacterial Heap Leaching of Ore Sorter Products at Anax Metals’ Innovative Whim Creek Project
Tony Parry: Nexus Bonum. Australia

DetaPipe™ Changing Reactive Metal Pipe Systems for HPAL and POX Operations
Edgar Vidal: NobelClad, USA

Mass Transfer Intensification Implementing the Use of Static Mixers in Co/Ni Solvent Extraction
Derik Van Der Westhuizen: North-West University, South Africa

Autoclave Overpressure: The Hidden Variable
Rob Mock: Nova Hydromet, Canada

The Use of Ion Exchange Resins to Produce High Purity Cobalt and Nickel Sulphate
Johanna van Deventer: Puralite, South Africa

Benefits of GTL G80 Mining Diluent in Copper SX For Low- and High- Grade Copper Ore
Miguel Rivera Torrente: Shell Global Solutions International, The Netherlands

Modeling Copper Leaching in Heap Systems Considering Competing Reaction Mechanisms and Coupled Dissolution with Reprecipitation (Cdr) Processes
Eric O. Ansah: University of Melbourne, Australia

Enhancing Nickel Laterite Processing Using Electrochemical Separation to Extract Sulfuric Acid from Magnesium Sulfate Solutions
Mohamed Ibrahim: University of Queensland, Australia

Sulphuric Acid Plant Integration in Nickel Hydrometallurgical Facilities
Matthew King: Worley Chemetics, Australia

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