Lithium-Battery Technology-REE Abstracts    Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Abstracts

Keynote:Moving Up the Value Train From Mines To Batteries
Andrew Nissan & Celina Mikolajczak & Andrew Nissan:
Lyten, USA

Process Modelling and Life Cycle Assessment: Conventional and Novel Processing of Spodumene (Abstract to be added)
Mike Dry: Arithmetek, Canada

Development of Aurubis’ Hydrometallurgical Li-ion Battery Recycling Process
Andrew Harris: Aurubis AG, Germany

Recent Technological Progress in Metals’ Recovery from Spent NCM Battery Promoted By New Separation Reagents
Shengxi Wu: Central South University, China

Can We Decrease The Temperature for Transformation of α-Spodumene to β-Spodumene: Review of Experimental Results in Literature (Abstract to be added)
Bogdan Długogórski: Charles Darwin University, Australia

Clariant New Generation Collectors for Flotation of Lithium Ores
Matthew Pupazzoni : Clariant Mining Solutions, Australia

Lithium-Ion Battery Shedding Challenges
Andreas Monch: CSIRO, Australia

Advancing Graphite Purification Processes for Application in Li-Ion Batteries
Jurgen Gnoinski:  ECOGRAF, Australia

Membrane-Assisted Direct Lithium Extraction
Amir Razmjou:
Edith Cowan University, Australia

Rethinking Powder Handling in Critical Minerals Processing: Designing for Robustness and Value Retention
Tristan Boyer: Floveyor, Australia

Australian Leverage To Global Carbon Neutrality
Adrian Griffin: Future Technology Trust, Australia

Processing and Disposal of Residues Comprising Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (Norm)
Hagen Gunther Jung: GeoEnergy Consult, Germany

Rare Earth Extraction with Ionquest 801
Chiara Francesca Carrozza: Italmatch Chemicals, Italy

The Production of High Purity Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Product from Lithium Brine Sources
Nipen Shah: JordProxa, Australia (Abstract to be added)

Precipitation of Rare Earth Element Salts of High Purity
Kerstin Forsberg: KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Impact Of Organic Impurities on Acid Leaching of Valuable Metals from Used Li-Ion Batteries
Mooki Bai: Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), South Korea

Lewatit® Ion Exchange Resins for the Recycling of Lithium Ion Batteries
Dirk Steinhilber: LANCHESS, Germany

Process Selection Considerations for Recovery of Rare Earths from Mineral Sands Concentrates
Gavin Beer, Met-Chem Consulting, Australia

Lessons Learned from Ionic Clay Testwork
Damian Connelly: METS Engineering, Australia

Phosphate Removal from Wastewater Using Calcium Silicate By-Products Derived from The LieNA® Process
Shilpi Ray Biswas: Murdoch Uiversity, Australia

Piloting The Neometals ELI Process
Mike Tamlin: Neometals, Australia

Integrated Technologies for Efficient Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Shredding, Beneficiation, and Solvent Extraction
Leonel Yew: Neometals, Australia

Optimized Nickel and Cobalt Recovery from Battery Waste Using Solvent Extraction
Leslie Miller: OLI Systems, USA

Matte Smelting and Purification Process for Recycling of EoL-LiB
Joon Sung Choi : Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST), South Korea

Thermodynamic Modelling of Rare Earth Solvent Extraction

Brett Schug: SysCAD, Canada

Low-Carbon Footprint Bio-Diluents for Solvent Extraction in Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling 
Zubib Arara: TotyalEnergies Fluids, France

Hydrometallurgical Process to Extract Metals from LFP-NMC Blackmass in Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries
Alexander Chagnes: Université de Lorraine, France

Optimising Reagent Use in Clay Hosted Rare Earth Extraction
Jess Page:WGA, Australia

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