Opening Keynote:  Heap Leaching – Low Cost, Low CO2 Technology for Recovering Nickel And Cobalt Products from Laterite Ores
Anne Oxley: Technical Director, Brazilian Nickel, UK, who are developing the Piauí Nickel Project (PNP) heap leach operation in NE Brazil to be the first large scale commercial nickel and cobalt heap leach facility in the world.

The Potential of Waste Pyrrhotites In Addressing Sustainability – Replacing Oil Industry Sulphur and Carbon 
Mike Dry: Arithmetek, Canada

Carbon Negative Nickel and Cobalt Production from Nickel Saprolite Ores
David Dreisinger: Atlas Materials, USA.

Technical Challenges of Mixers and Settlers Operating in Copper Solvent Extraction Plants of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Godfrey Mitshabu: BASF South Africa

Incorporation of Black Mass Rcycling into A Hydrometallurgical Refinery
Adam J. Fischmann:
Clean TeQ Water, Australia

Cobalt Blue’s Broken Hill Demonstration Plant – Second Update on The COB Process Development
Andrew Tong:
Cobalt Blue, Australia

Filter Cake Desaturation: A Laboratory-Scale Study of Two Copper Sulphide Flotation Tailings Slurries Dewatered in A Filter Press
Andrew Hawkey: Diemme Filtration, Australia

Detail Design of a Novel Leach Circuit for the Tech Project
Wolfgang Keller: EKATO RMT, Germany

SX Circuit, Crud Treatment, Concentration-Dependent Pond Depth Adjustment for Decanter Centrifuges, DControl
Tore Hartmann: GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH, Germany

Bioextraction as an Alternative for Traditional Mineral Processing – An Economic and Environmental Game Changer
Renee Grogan: Impossible Metals, Australia

Copper and Cobalt Recovery from Old Flotation Tailings
Pavel Spiridonov: InnovEco, Australia

ICSG and Copper Market Transparency: Lessons Learned in 2007-2022 and Challenges for 2023 – 2030
Carlos Risopatron: International Copper Study Group, Portugal

Ionquest Range Products for Metal Recycling 
Chiara Francesca Carrozza: Italmatch Chemicals Spa, Italy

The Weakest Link is Often of the Least Concern
Corin Holmes: Janeke and Johanson, Australia

The production of Battery Grade Nickel Sulphate from Varying Feed Sources
Nipen Shah: JordProxa, Australia

The Radflow Thickener Feedwell: Redefining Thickener Sizing and Flocculant Usage
Alexei Krassnokutski: Krassno Consulting, South Africa

Kabanga Nickel – The Role of Hydrometallurgy in Unlocking a World-Class Asset for Low-Emissions Green Metals Production
Dr Mike Adams: Lifezone Limited, Isle of Man

Loop Hydrometallurgy: Copper Made Green
Dave Sammut: Loop Hydrometallurgy, Australia

Production of Metal-Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese Mixtures with Tailored Compositions from Cobalt-Rich Lithium-ion Battery Leachates by Solvent Extraction
Niklas Jantunen: LUT University, Finland

Recovery of Cobalt with Acidic and Amine-Based Extractants from Hydrometallurgical Plant Side Stream
Mohammadreza Arefzadeh: LUT University, Finland

Update on Meta Nickel Gordes Operation
Orhan Yilmaz: Meta Nickel, Turkey

Copper leaching Using Glycine Leaching Technology 
Elsayed Oraby & Glen O’Malley: Mining and Process Solutions, Australia

Speciation Assays for Ni and Co Ores
Frank Trask: Mining and Process Solutions, Australia

Reductive Percolation Leaching of Low-Grade Copper-Cobalt Ore Part 1: Sodium Sulphite as Reducing Agent 
Mpumelelo Ndhlalose: Mintek, South Africa

Reductive Percolation Leaching of Low-Grade Copper-Cobalt Ore Part 2: Ferrous Ion as Reducing Agent
Nontobeko Nxumalo: Mintek, South Africa

A Batch-Continuous Hydrometallurgical Process for the Production of LME-Grade Copper from Printed Circuit Board (PCB) E-Waste 
Rasoul Hassanalizadeh: Mintek, South Africa

Interdisciplinary Problem Solving for Hydrometallurgy 
M. Robert Mock: NOVA Hydromet, Canada

Western Australian PCAM Hub – Refining the Future with PBT’s NMC DirectTM
Dr William Hawker: Pure Battery Technologies, Australia

Lithium-ion-Battery Recycling from EV Using Pyrometallurgical and Hydrometallurgical Process Combinations
Toshihiko Nagakura: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co, Japan

2023 Update on the Terrafame Nickel Operation
Anti Arpalahti: Terrafame Ltd, Finland.

A Novel Treatment Approach for Copper Ores Based on Glutamate Leaching 
Carlos G Perea: Universidad de Chile, Chile



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