Keynote: Considerations for Hard Rock In-Situ Mining In Australia
Dr Ewan Sellers: Research Director for Hard Rock Mining CSIRO Minerals Resourses, Australia.

In-Situ Recovery – Progress Over The Last Five Years 
Maxim Seredkin: CSA Global, Australia

Renewed Experimental Hydraulic Fracturing Technique for Hard Rock In-Situ Recovery Enhancement
Hongyi Sun: Curtin University Australia

Phoenix Rising: The Application of ISR for High Grade Uranium Mining in The Athabasca Basin
Chad Sorba & Kevin Himbeault: Denison Mines Corporation, Canada

In Situ Extraction of Precious Metals and Mine Remediation with Polysulfides
Drummond Earley II: D3 Geochemistry LLC, USA

Benefits of Collaboration to Advance ISR Technologies at The Kapunda Copper Project
Philippa Faulkner & Anya Hart EnviroCopper & OZ Minerals Think & Act Differently, Australia

Review of Potential Fracturing Methods (Microwaves, High-Voltage Pulses and Cryogenic Fluids) for Access Creation in Low-Permeability Hard Rocks for In Situ Metal Recovery
Sahar Kafashi: Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University, Australia

Accurate Production Prediction Guiding Business Decisions
Michael Gorzechowsk: Heathgate Resources, Australia

Estimating Resource and Optimising Production In ISR and Brine Mining Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Nick Jervis-Bardy: Orica – Digital Solutions, Australia

Economic and Environmental Assessment of Underground In-Situ Leaching Processes Utilising Drill and Blast to Achieve High Permeability 
Peter Dare-Bryan: Orica Mining Services, Australia

Ion Flux Flow Regimes of Electrokinetic Transport in Low Permeability Porous Media (TBC)
Kunning Tang: University of NSW, Australia

New Predictive Modelling Approach to Uranium In Situ Recovery
Jess Page: WGA: Australia

Potential Applications for Biomining for In Situ Recovery
Anna Kaksonen: CSIRO Environment, Australia


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