Keynote: Chloride – A Precious Metals Leaching Medium Yet to Reach Its Potential
Dr Mike Adams:  Chief Technical Officer Lifezone Limited, Isle of Man,

A Review of Gas Sparging in Leaching Applications: What we can Learn from Froth Floatation
Adrian Bill: Ausenco Engineering – Operations Optimization, Canada

Novel Corrosion-Resistant and Erosion-Resistant Coating Qualified for Use In Pressure Oxidation Severe Service
Evelyn Ng:
Callidus Process Solutions, Australia

Alternative Gold Refining Procedure Using ‘Organic Aqua Regia’
Akihiro Yoshimura: Chiba University, Japan

Solving Scale Problem in Process Tanks with Swirl Flow Agitation
Bon Nguyen: CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australia.

The Amira P420 Gold Processing Benchmark Surveys
Erica Avelar: Curtin University Western Australian School of Mines, Australia

Process Development for Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Base and Precious Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards
Huan Li:
Curtin University Western Australian School of Mines, Australia

Driving Stagewise Developments of Gold Projects with the Jameson Concentrator and Albion Process
Paul Bullock: Glencore Technology, Australia

The Diversity of Recyn Technology
Malcolm Paterson: Greengold Technology, Indonesia

Metso Outotec Flowbottom, First Reference Experiences and Look Back to Development
Tuomas Hirsi: Metso Outotec, Finland

Update on Cyanide Free Leaching of Gold Ores Using Glycine Leaching Technology
Glen O’Malley & Elsayed Oraby: Mining and Process Solutions

Update on Glycat Leaching of Gold Ores and Concentrates 
Glen O’Malley: Mining and Process Solutions

Mintek’s iGoli Process. History, Piloting and Techno Economics
Elmar Muller:
Mintek, South Africa

Introducing the Third Force In Metallurgy
Melinda Moore: Viinca Technologies, UK.

Stripping and Electrowinning Optimization in Gold and Silver Process
Göksel Kaygisiz Sendur: Zenit Madencilik, Turkey

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