Gold-Precious Metals Keynote

Dr Paul Breuer, CSIRO Mineral Resources Flagship (Australia) as Keynote Speaker to present Dealing with Copper in Gold Ores; Implemented and Future Approaches.  Dr Breuer has extensive research experience in gold hydrometallurgy, having conducted research for over 10 years at CSIRO in this area.  As Gold Processing Team Leader, Dr Breuer leads research into extracting precious metals from complex ores.  He focuses on improving the sustainability of the current cyanidation process for recovering gold from ores, and developing alternative technologies for the gold industry.

We welcome Koch Knight as returning sponsors of the Gold-Precious Metals sponsors for the 6th year.


This milestone event will be an outstanding platform for: exposing the latest worldwide developments in plant operations, process technology, new projects, testwork and scale-up, process modelling and control systems, application of mineralogy and geometallurgy, R&D, equipment, reagents, materials, tailings disposal and environmental alleviation.  ALTA 2015 will provide an excellent opportunity to network with a wide variety of key industry professionals from around the globe and showcase products and services to key decision-makers in the pertinent field.

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