ALTA in the Media

ALTA 2020 Online
Insights from ALTA ISR 2020
December 2020
ALTA 2020 Preview
Sign up to ALTA 2020 Online
Copper Worldwide
September 2020
ALTA 2020
A Quarter Century for ALTA
Copper Worldwide
March 2020
Heap Leaching and SX Feature
Keeping Tabs on the Pad
International Mining
November 2019
Gold Extraction Feature
Leveraging the Lixiviants
International Mining
August 2019
ALTA 2019 Daily Blog
Monday, Tuesday, Conference Dinner, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Minerals Engineering International (MEI)
May 2019
ALTA 2019 Preview
Metallurgical Innovation the Focus of ALTA, International Mining
April 2019
Heap Leaching, ISR and SX Feature
Heaps More to Come
International Mining
November 2018
Processing Solutions Feature
ALTA 2018 Looks at Hydromet Processes and Problems
Engineering & Mining Journal
November 2018
ALTA 2018
ALTA 2018 a huge success
Copper Worldwide
September/October 2018
ALTA 2018
ALTA 2018 a huge success
Copper Worldwide
September 2018
ALTA 2018 Preview
Full Circle
Australia's Mining Monthly
May 2018
Leaching & SX/EW Feature
Heaps & Extracts
International Mining
November 2017
The ALTA View on HydrometallurgyCopper Worldwide
July 2017
ALTA 2017 Covers Hydrometallurgy SectorCopper Worldwide
July 2017
Heap Leach-SX-EW Feature
Percolating Liquids, International Mining
November 2016
Handling Increasing ImpuritiesCopper Worldwide
July 2016
Good score in latest in ALTA seriesCopper Worldwide
July 2015
ALTA Announces Free Technical Library for Metallurgical IndustryALTA Press Release
Countdown to landmark ALTA underwayCopper Worldwide
January 2015
Special Profile - ALTA 2014
All Bases Covered at Metallurgical Event
Australian Mining Review
May 2014
Special Profile - ALTA 2013
Conference a One-Stop Shop for Global Metallurgical Industry
Australian Mining Review
May 2014
Feature - ALTA 2012 Review
The World Comes to ALTA (4 articles)
Gold & Minerals Gazette
June 2012
Feature - ALTA 2012 Preview: Processing Change (5 articles)Gold & Minerals Gazette
May 2012
ALTA 2012 Conference ReportMinerals Engineering International (MEI)
June 2012
Alan Taylor in ActionGold & Minerals Gazette
June 2011
Feature - ALTA 2011 Review (8 articles)Gold & Minerals Gazette
June 2011
ALTA 2010 PreviewGold and Minerals Gazette
May 2010

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