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The free library includes proceedings from ALTA 1995-2017 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper, Uranium-REE and Gold-PM conferences for free download (1440+ papers).  A selection of papers from ALTA 2019 and ALTA 2018 is also available.  The library is expanded regularly, providing a major ongoing resource to the industry.

ALTA 2019 proceedings and single papers are available for purchase with immediate download. ALTA 2018 proceedings and single papers now reduced by 50%.

ALTA 2019 Opening and Keynote Addresses

David Weight, President, Cobalt Institute (Opening Address): The Changing Landscape of the Cobalt Market

Dr Bryn Harris, Managing Partner, NMR360 Inc (Keynote Address): The Future of Ni-Co-Cu Processing in the Age of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Dr Brett Moldovan, Team Leader, Uranium Resources and Production, IAEA (Opening Address): What will Future Uranium Mining Projects Look Like?

Dr Karin Soldenhoff, Technology Manager - Minerals, ANSTO (Keynote Address): Uranium IX - Past, Present and Future

Prof Jacques Eksteen, Director, Gold Technology Group & Chair, Extractive Metallurgy, WASM, Curtin University: Fit-for-Purpose Precious Metals Leach Systems: Matching Leach Strategies to Source Characteristics

Adrian Griffin, Managing Director, Lithium Australia: Innovation Required to Meet Future Lithium Demand

Dr Horst Märten, Vice President Technology, Heathgate Resources and CEO, UIT: Trends in ISR Technology
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