Nickel-Cobalt Projects

Confidential Client, Australia – Third Party Technical Review of Feasibility Study for Nickel Sulphate Production Project (2019)
Confidential Client – Participation in Design of SX Circuit for DFS for a Ni/Co Hydrometallurgy
Project (2019)
Preliminary Technical and Economic Study of Hydrometallurgy Treatment Secondary Cobalt Material - USA - Confidential Client (2018)
Preliminary Study of Cobalt Recovery Facility - Australia - Confidential Client (2017)
Review of Process Options and Marketing Concepts for Ni-Co Laterite Deposit - Oceania - Confidential Client (2013)
Mondo Minerals - Netherlands - Overview of Potential HPAL Facilities for Processing Nickel Concentrate (2011)
CESL - Canada - Peer Review of CESL Process for Nickel Sulphide Concentrates (2011)
Western Areas - Australia - Due Diligence Reviews of BioHeap process technology for heap bio-Leaching of nickel/cobalt Sulphide and copper ores (2009-2011)
Ambotovy Laterite Project - Madagascar - SNC Lavalin Chile - Review of SX mixersettler design (2007-2008)
Pacific Ore Limited - WA - Australia - Audit of BioHeap process technology for Heap Bio-Leaching of nickel/cobalt sulphide and copper Ores (2005 & 2006)
Sukinda Laterite Prospect - India - Tata International - Preliminary Assessment of potential processing options (2005 & 2006)
Palawan Nickel Laterite Prospects - Philippines - Cambrian Miming - Initial Assessment (2005)
Kempirsay Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - Kazakhstan - Gornoe Buro LLP - Technical & economic assessment of hydrometallurgical & pyrometallurgical processes & recommendations for metallurgical testwork (2005)
Titan Resources - WA - Australia - Audit of BioHeap technology for treatment of sulphide ores (2003-2004)
Young Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Prospect - NSW - Australia - Jervois Mining - Input into study of application of chloride leaching technology (2003)
Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - South East Asia - Confidential Client - Supervision of Economic Assessment of product treatment options (2001)
Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Prospects - NSW - Jervois Mining - Australia - Consulting input for initial metallurgical testwork for PAL operation and Scandium extraction studies (1998-00)
Weda Bay Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - Indonesia - Weda Bay Minerals Inc. - Project development services for initial development phase for PAL operation (1997-99)
Normandy Cobalt Tailings Project - NT - Australia - Normandy Group - Preparation of desktop study for treatment options for cobalt & gold recovery (1998)
Radio Hill Nickel/Copper/Cobalt Project - WA - Australia - North West Nickel - Supervision offlowsheet development, metallurgical testwork and feasibility studies for flotation operation (1996-97)
Nonoc Nickel Project - Philippines - Arboyne - Review of plant reactivation strategy using ammonia leach process (1996)
Bulong Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - Resolute Resources - WA - Australia - Supervision of metallurgical testwork, co-ordination of appraisal study, and participation in ongoing feasibility study for PAL operation (1988-91). Consulting services to WMC/Resolute for feasibility study (1991-96). Consulting services to Resolute for EPCM phase (1996-97)
Cawse Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - Centaur Mining - WA - Australia - Supervision of metallurgical testwork and participation in feasibility studies for PAL operation (1995)
Ambatovy Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - Phelps Dodge - Madagascar - review of testwork and PAL project concept (1996)
Siduarsi Nickel/Cobalt Laterite Project - PT Mutiara Iriana Minerals - Irian Jaya - Review of Exploration and Economic Potential (1996)
Ramu River Nickel/Cobalt/Chromium Laterite Project - Highlands Gold/Nord - PNG - Consulting services for metallurgical testwork, flowsheet development, and engineering studies for PAL operation (1992-96)
Mr Fitch Cobalt Project - Acacia - NT - Australia - Preliminary study and metallurgical test program for leaching project (1994-96)
Cobalt Heap Leaching Project - Brancote - NSW - Australia - Supervision of metallurgicaltestwork and flowsheet development studies (1994)
Radio Hill Nickel/Copper Flotation and Isasmelt Plant - Resolute Resources - WA - Australia - Due diligence and consulting services for recommissioning of a flotation operation (1994-95)
Nickel Solvent Extraction Project - Queensland Nickel - QLD - Australia - Engineering consulting services during SX plant design (1987-88)
Cobalt Project - MIM - QLD - Australia - Supervision of process design for feasibility study for a hydrometallurgical cobalt recovery plant (1980)
California Nickel Project - USA - Participated in process design work during feasibility study for nickel/cobalt laterite treatment plant (1979)

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