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Please review the following summary of the new registration process developed to integrate with ALTA 2020 Online then click ‘continue to registration‘ below.  Please note, each registration includes a single-user license which requires two-factor authentication to access the secure site.

Step 1: configure your order

To access your complimentary or discount exhibitor fees, enter your coupon code on the right-hand side of the registration page and click ‘apply’.  If you have not received your coupon code, contact Allison Taylor.  The following registration options allow you to personalise your participation to suit your specific needs.  Make your selection then click ‘add to order’.

  • All Conferences Pass: access to all five conferences, with optional short courses
  • Selected Preferences Pass: select preferred conference/s and optional short courses

Step 2: review your order

You will be prompted with two options:

  • ‘review order and check out’ which allows you to modify selections before payment
  • ‘add another ticket’ – go back and add another ticket to your order (note, one ticket required per person)

Step 3: check out

This form is for billing purposes only. You will have the opportunity to identify the name of the attendee/s when you activate their registration.

  • enter your billing details and billing address
  • complete payment by credit card or select ‘invoice’ for payment by bank transfer
  • a tax invoice will be sent to the email address listed in billing details

Step 4: activate your registration

On receipt of payment, you be asked to assign attendees to the submissions you have purchased.

  • if paying immediately, please click ‘activate your registration’ to enter attendee details
  • if paying by invoice, you will be sent a tax invoice by email.  Once paid you will be sent an email link to “activate your registration”
  • note: you must activate the registration for all tickets purchased to gain access to the event
  • once activated, each attendee will receive a registration confirmation email


If you require changes to attendee details or participation selections, click the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of your confirmation email for assistance.  Please contact Allison Taylor if you require assistance with the registration process.

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