18 November Online

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ALTA 2020 Uranium-Rare Earths Conference includes a forum and panel discussion on Application of Membranes.  The 16th annual ALTA uranium event is organised in cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and held as part of the 25th annual ALTA metallurgical conference.

Technical Program

This one-day event includes 16 presentations across two main segments.  The first part of the day will cover uranium and rare earths processing and refining; the second part will feature a forum and panel discussion on the Application of MembranesProgram

Opening Address

Martin Fairclough, Uranium Specialist, Uranium Resources and Production, IAEA (Austria), will open the sessions with “The Role of Unconventional Uranium Resources”.  Keynote speakers and abstracts

Keynote Speaker

Darryl Butcher, Director, BDB Process (Australia), will give the keynote address “Review of Membrane Technology as a Process Tool” based on firsthand operating experience.  Abstract and bio

Panel Discussion

The day will conclude with a panel discussion on Application of Membranes.  ALTA panels are always a highlight with informed discussion adding significantly to the technical program.  Open exchange of information and ideas between panel and audience is encouraged, and often leads to lively debate.  Panel discussion notes are published as a valuable resource for the industry. ALTA 2019 panel notes

Short Course

The event is further enhanced by the inclusion of the Uranium Ore Processing short course to be presented on 17 November by Alan Taylor, ALTA Metallurgical Services, who has extensive experience in the development of uranium ore processing projects.  This course is presented as both a valuable introduction for newcomers and a useful refresher for old hands.  Detailed course outline


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