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online 9-27 November

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The emphasis of this carefully crafted program is practical rather than academic, and the themes running through the conference are the various aspects of technology and project development.  We are pleased to partner with CSIRO Mineral Resources for the In-Situ Recovery (ISR) Conference and Curtin Gold Technology Group for the Gold-PM Conference. The Uranium-REE Conference, In-Situ Recovery Conference and Uranium Ore Processing short course are organised in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The program will be presented 8:00am to 5:30pm in Perth time (AWST) but is designed to be accessible to participants from all time zones.  Presentations, panel discussions, short courses and webinars will be available for on-demand viewing from the day of presentation until March 2021.  Download conference program

ALTA 2020 Online comprises five technical conferences including 110 papers from 18 countries. 

Ni-Co-Cu OverviewNi-Co-Cu Flyer

The Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Conference is held over three days from Tuesday 10 November to Wednesday 12 November.  The program includes 45 papers plus the Hydromet Processing of Ni-Co-Cu Sulphides panel discussion.

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Opening Address
Dr Jacques Eksteen

Future Battery Industries CRC
AustraliaA Research-Based Strategy for Establishing Australia as a Leading Player in the Emerging Global Battery Industry
Keynote Address
John Neale
, Mintek
South AfricaBioleaching of Nickel and Cobalt - The Progress and The Potential
AngloAmerican Technical SolutionsSouth AfricaAtmospheric Leaching of Copper Pressure Leach Residue
Arithmetek/NMR360 CanadaA Metallurgical Evaluation of the Transition to Electric Vehicles
Ausenco/BDB ProcessAustraliaResin in Pulp Processing Equipment
BASFUSAAcid Removal by Solvent Extraction for use in Electrolyte to Neutral Aqueous Systems
BASF/Chemaf/MMG KinsevereSouth Africa/
Silica Issues Versus Copper Solvent Extraction Plant Design
Chimerical Technology/
PQ Corporation
South Africa/UKAdvanced Ion Exchange: Selective Recovery and Purification of Zinc Sulfate and Cobalt Leach Solutions
CleanTeQ/EnergeticsAustralianNickel Sulfate for Lithium-Ion Batteries – How Alternative Production Pathways Impact Greenhouse Gas Intensity
Cobalt Blue HoldingsAustraliaEfficient Recovery of Cobalt from Pyrite - Update on COB Process Development
CSA Global Pty Ltd/
Australia/RussiaIn-Situ Recovery - Emerging Technology for the Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from Laterite Deposits
CSIRO Mineral Resources/
Murrin Murrin Operations
AustraliaImproved Pumping to HPAL Autoclaves Using Drag Reduction Technology - Demonstration at Glencore's Murrin Murrin Operation in Western Australia
Diemme Filtration (Aqseptence Group Srl)Australia/ItalyHow Very Large Filter Presses such as the GHT5000 will Influence the CAPEX and the OPEX of Tailings Filtration Plants
Element ProcessAustraliaHeap Leach Solution Transport Modelling for Improved Process Control and Production Forecasting
HatchCanadaDeep-Sea Polymetallic Nodule Mining and Processing (preliminary title)
IGO LimitedAustraliaFlowsheet Development for the Conversion of Nickel Concentrate to Nickel Sulphate - IGO's Proactively Green Approach to Produce Critical Materials for the Clean Energy Revolution
International Copper Study
Group (ICSG)
PortugalGlobal Copper Value Chain Trends and Complex Concentrates Processing Challenges 2020-2025
Jenike & JohansonAustraliaCritical Control Points - The Key to EV Chemical Quality and Value Chain Productivity?
JordProxaAustraliaMarket Outlook for Battery Grade Nickel Sulphate and Implications of Varying Product Specifications
Konkola Copper Mines/
The Copperbelt University
ZambiaCopper and Cobalt Recovery from Tailings Leach Plant Solutions - A Case of a Leach Plant on the The Copperbelt of Zambia
LANXESS/ValeGermany/CanadaNickel- and Cobalt-Concentrate Purification by Solvent Impregnated Ion Exchange Resins: A Case Study
LiNiCo Pty LtdAustraliaComparison of Methods for Sulphide Processing in Nickel Laterite HPAL Plants
Matec PacificAustraliaPerformances Improvement With High Pressure Plate and Press Filters
METS EngineeringAustraliaCopper Nickel Separation Challenges and Flowsheet Development
Metso OutotecFinlandNext Generation Laterite Processing
Metso OutotecSouth AfricaVersality of Metso Outotec’s BIOX® Processes – Positioning of the MesoTherm™ Technology for Base Metal Sulphide Applications
MHWirthGermany/AustraliaPulse Reduction System for Autoclave Feed Pumps
MMG Kinsevere/MMG Australia/
Protea Chemicals/Solvay
South Africa/DRC
Silica Management in a Copper Solvent Extraction Plant - MMG Kinsevere Case Study
Murdoch UniversityAustraliaCopper Slag Waste Resource Potential For A Circular Economy: A Review
Mworx/GME ResourcesAustraliaContinued Development of NiWest Ni Laterite Project - Neutralisation and DSX Continuous Piloting
Mworx/Jervois MiningAustraliaJervois' Nico Young Ni Laterite Project - Development of a Ni Laterite Heap Leach
NMR360CanadaThe Case for a Chloride-Based Process for the Treatment of Nickel Laterites
NMR360/ArithmetekCanadaRe-Treatment of Tailings Using Chloride-Based Processing
Ocean MineralsAustralia/USAHarvesting Nodules from the Seabed Surface and Extracting Cobalt, Nickel, Copper and Manganese
Peter Jolly, ConsultantAustraliaEnergy and Emission Performance of Lithium Ion Battery Powered Vehicles
Queensland Pacific MetalsAustraliaTownsville Energy Chemicals Hub - The 'TECH' Project
Ramu Nickel/
Peter Jolly, Consulant
PNG/AustraliaUpdate on the Performance of the Ramu Nickel Operation in Papua New Guinea
Richard Macoun (Consultant)AustraliaA Brief History, and Future, of Process Innovation in Copper
SGS Minerals MetallurgyAustraliaPurification of HPAL liquors and Crystallisation of High Purity CoSO4 and NiSO4 (preliminary title)
Solvay EMEA & APAC/Solvay EMEA/Solvay USA/KAZ MineralsZambia/Kazakhstan/
Commercialization of ACORGA®CR60 Crud Mitigation Reagent in North America and Central Asia
University of Tokyo/Japan Metal Consulting/TY ConsultingJapanThe ART of HPAL

Uranium-REE OverviewUranium-REE Flyer

The Uranium-REE Conference, organised in co-operation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), are held on Wednesday 18 November.  The program includes 16 papers plus the Application of Membranes panel discussion.  

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Opening Address
Martin Fairclough

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
AustriaThe Role of Unconventional Uranium Resources
Keynote Address
Darryl Butcher
, BDB Process
AustraliaReview of Membrane Technology as a Process Tool
ALTA Metallurgical ServicesAustraliaVanadium Boom Driving Revival of By-Product Vanadium Recovery from Uranium Ores
ANSTO MineralsAustraliaApplication of Membranes in U and Li Recovery
ANSTO/Murdoch UniversityAustraliaSulfuric Acid Baking of Monazite for Rare Earths
Aura EnergyAustraliaDevelopment of the Tiris Uranium Project, Mauritania
BDB ProcessAustraliaCommercial Application of Membranes at Kayelakera and Langer Heinrich
Chimerical Technology/Orano MiningSouth Africa/
Case Study: Concentration of Uranium Eluate Using Nanofiltration on an ISR Plant in Kazakhstan
FSBI Hydrospetzgeologia
(IAEA sponsored)
RussiaNumerical Modeling of Uranium Transport in Fractured Media
Genesys InternationalUKPreventing Gypsum Scaling of Minewater RO/NF/UF Membranes
Greenland MineralsAustraliaGreenland Rare Earths
LANXESSGermany/AustraliaA Guide for Testing Ion Exchange Resins
Monash University/RMIT UniversityAustraliaMinerals Criticality Assessment from an Australian Perspective
Northern Mineral/OLI SystemsAustralia/USARare Earth Concentrate Processing and Purification Comparison and Optimization Using OLI Simulation

In-Situ Recovery OverviewIn-Situ Recovery Flyer

The annual ALTA In-Situ Recovery Conference, is recognised as the leading forum for ISR globallyThe 2020 event, organised in partnership with CSIRO Mineral Resources and in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be held on Thursday 19 November. The program includes 16 papers plus the Application of ISR to Copper panel discussion.  

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Keynote Address
Leon Faulkner

Environmental Copper Recovery
AustraliaOpportunities and Challenges for Copper ISR – Kapunda CRC-P as an Example
ALTA Metallurgical ServicesAustraliaIn-Situ Recovery of Copper Comes of Age
CSA Global AustraliaInformatisation Systems for ISR Mines
CSIROAustraliaDirectional Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing for ISR Applications
CSIRO Land & WaterAustraliaAssessing the Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Water Quality in the Vicinity of Well Sites in the Surat Basin, Queensland
CSIRO Land & WaterAustraliaCommunity Perceptions of Potential New Copper Mining, Kapunda, S.A.
CSIRO Mineral Resources/
Heathgate Resources/National Energy Resources Australia (NERA)
AustraliaTrials at Depth with Vesi™ – A New Ground Water Monitoring Technology for ISR Operations
CSIRO Mineral Resources/
University of Bergen/King River Resources
High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography Study of Coarse Leached Particles for In-Situ Recovery Applications
Curtin University/China University of Mining and TechnologyAustralia/ChinaFluid Flow Performance Through Deep Hard Fractured Rock Masses in a Potential In-Situ Leaching Mine Site in Western Australia
D3 Geochem/Newmont USAUSAUS Bureau of Mines Santa Cruz In Situ Copper Mining Project and Program Overview: Circa 1970 to 1996
Edith Cowan UniversityAustraliaStimulation of Coal Cleat Network Using Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen
Evolution MiningAustraliaEconomic Modelling and Application of In-Situ Recovery in Hard Rock Mining
HatchAustraliaISR - The Permitting Challenge
Mining3/CSIRO Mineral ResourcesAustraliaExpanding the Value Case for InSitu Mining
OricaAustraliaDesign Options for Underground Leach Systems
Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT)GermanyApplicability of Permeability Enhancement for In-Situ Recovery

Gold-PM OverviewGold-PM Flyer

The Gold-PM Conference, organised in partnership with Curtin Gold Technology Group, are held on Wednesday 25 November.  The program includes 16 papers plus the Cyanide Alleviation & Alternative Lixiviants panel discussion.  

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Presenting Organisation/s Click to view abstract
Keynote Address
Karel Osten

AustraliaPOX – Has it Reached its Full Potential, or is There Still Room for Improvement for Treating Refractory Gold Ores?
Aalto University/OutotecFinlandLife Cycle Assessment of Hydrometallurgical Processes Based on Flowsheet Simulation – Case Study of Gold from the Deposit with Battery Metals
Axion – Rare and Noble Metals/
RussiaRegenerable Ion-Exchange Resin for Highly Selective Palladium Capture in Nitric Acid Engineered for use During Silver Electrorefining
Chyrsos CorporationAustraliaPhotonAssay Update: Validation Work, Gold Performance Improvements and Prospective Silver and Moisture Services
Cleaning MiningAustraliaNon-Toxic Reagent for Gold Leaching
Clean TeQ WaterAustraliaIon Exchange – Bringing Flexibility, Robustness, and Higher Recoveries to Mine Water Treatment
CSIRO Mineral Resources/Curtin UniversityAustraliaMeasuring Gold Lixiviant Concentrations: Let’s Make It Easy for The Operators
Gold OreSouth AfricaExtract More Ounces with the MACH Reactor
GreenGold TechnologyIndonesiaReCYN III – The New Generation of Gold Plants - Replacing Carbon
Metso OutotecFinlandCommissioning Experience on Recent Outotec POX Projects
Metso OutotecSouth AfricaRecent Developments in the Metso Outotec BIOX® Process
Mining and Process Solutions (MPS)AustraliaNon and Reduced Cyanide Gold Extraction Systems
MINTEKSouth AfricaEvaluation of Ion Exchange Technology for Au Recovery from Complex Ores Containing Cu and Preg-Robbing Material
SGS Minerals MetallurgyAustraliaComparison of Oxidative Leaching of Two Gold Flotation Concentrates
University of British Columbia/
Winner Water Services
CanadaThiocyanate Recovery from Waste Solutions Using Solvent Extraction

Lithium & Battery Tech OverviewLithium & Battery Tech Flyer

The Lithium & Battery Technology Conference is held on Thursday 26 November.  The program includes 16 papers plus the Trends in Battery Technology panel discussion.   

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Presenting Organisation/s Click to view abstract
Keynote Address
Prof Peter Talbot

Institute for Future Environments (IFE), Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
AustraliaThe Creation and Implications of Australia’s First Lithium-Ion Battery
Aalto UniversityFinlandFinland-based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals (BATCircle)
ANSTO MineralsAustraliaChallenges to High Purity Lithium Chemical Concentrate Production
Arithmetek CanadaRecovery of Lithium from Smackover Brine
CSIRO ManufacturingAustraliaDevelopment in Advanced Electrolytes
CSIRO Mineral Resources/NeometalsAustraliaValue Added Product Recovery from Spodumene Leach Residue
Curtin UniversityAustraliaThe Effect of Impurities on the Calcination of Spodumene
Envirostream AustraliaAustraliaAustralian Battery Recycling Challenges and Opportunities
Lithium Australia/VSPC LimitedAustraliaLithium-Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) – The Safe Lithium-Ion Battery
Malvern PanalyticalThe Netherlands/
Accurate Mineralogical Analysis for Efficient Lithium Ore Processing
MetEng/METSIM InternationalAustralia/USALithium Process Development Using METSIM and OLI Systems
METS Engineering AustraliaAnalysis of The Bald Hill Lithium Project Failure
Metso OutotecFinlandOutotec Lithium Hydroxide Process - A Progress Update
Monash University/University of LiègeAustralia/BelgiumLithium Battery Anode R&D Trends
University of LorraineFranceRecent Insights on Lithium-Ion Battery Technologies

Conference Opening

Dr Jacques Eksteen
Chief Operating Officer and Research Director, Future Battery Industries CRC (Australia)
Professional Bio
A Research-Based Strategy for Establishing Australia as a Leading Player in the Emerging Global Battery Industry

Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Keynote

John Neale
Technical Specialist, Mintek (South Africa)
Professional Bio
Bioleaching of Nickel and Cobalt - The Progress and The Potential

Uranium-REE Opening

Martin Fairclough
Uranium Specialist, Uranium Resources and Production
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (Austria)
The Role of Unconventional Uranium Resources

Uranium-REE Keynote

Darryl Butcher
Director, BDB Process (Australia)
Professional Bio
Review of Membrane Technology as a Process Tool

In-Situ Recovery Keynote

Leon Faulkner
Managing Director, EnviroCopper Ltd (Australia)
Professional Bio
Opportunities and Challenges for Copper ISR – Kapunda CRC-P as an Example

Gold-PM Keynote

Karel Osten
Independent Consultant, METTKO Pty Ltd (Australia)
Professional Bio
POX – Has it Reached its Full Potential, or is There Still Room for Improvement for Treating Refractory Gold Ores?

Lithium & Battery Technology Keynote

Prof Peter Talbot
Institute for Future Environments (IFE), Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
Professional Bio
The Creation and Implications of Australia’s First Lithium-Ion Battery

We are excited to offer three new short courses presented by experienced senior experts in their field.  ALTA 2020 now includes six short courses, providing significant learning opportunities across a range of key topics.

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