Hydromet Processing of Cu, Ni and Co Sulphides Forum & Panel

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The Forum is part of the Nickel-Cobalt-Copper sessions and commences 11:00am Wednesday 23 May.  It concludes with panel discussion and open Q&A chaired by Lourdes Valle, Principal Process Engineer, BHP Billiton.

The search for hydromet processes for sulphide ores and concentrates has been augmented by the projected surge in demand for cobalt, nickel and copper for electric cars. This forum includes 8 technical papers covering alternative lixiviants, hydromet process development for copper/cobalt/gold, commercial heap and tank bioleaching operations, and use of additives in acidic ferric heap leaching.

The final panel is a great opportunity to discuss key topics with presenters and delegates from the global industry. Topics include drivers and future prospects for hydromel processes, overcoming the challenges, making economics competitive with concentrators/smelters, addressing the increasing demand for cobalt, potential Achilles heel of hydromet, effect of availability of skilled people, commercial status of heap leaching of LG chalcopyrite, plus questions and comments from the floor.

 Presenting Organisation/sClick to view abstracts
Curtin University/CSIROAustraliaComparative Analysis of Lixiviant/Oxidant Systems for Chalcopyrite Leaching from Coarse Samples at Elevated Temperature
Murdoch UniversityAustraliaThe Use of Additives in the Leaching of Primary Copper Sulfides in Acidic Ferric Sulfate Media Under Recycle Solution Conditions Observed in Heap Leaching
Mining & Process Solutions AustraliaReview of Sequence Assay Schemes for Copper Speciation and its use in GlyLeach™
Mineral Engineering Technical Services (METS)AustraliaCopper Cobalt Gold Project Flowsheet Development
Teck Resources LimitedCanadaHydrometallurgical Cobalt Processing Development at CESL
Curtin UniversityAustraliaLeaching of Cobalt Bearing Nickel Sulfide (Cobalt Bearing Pentlandite Concentrates) and (Furnace and Converter) Mattes with Alkaline Glycine, and Subsequent SX and IX
TerrafameFinlandProcess Update on Dynamic Heap Bioleaching of a Black Schist Ore
Mondo Minerals Nickel Oy/Mintek/P Met. Consulting/Stephen Barnett, Consultant/ Geological Survey of FinlandFinland/South Africa/UKThe Mondo Minerals Nickel Sulfide Bioleach Project: Maximising Value Through Gold Recovery
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