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  • We are proud to present another high-quality technical program for the metallurgical industry, including 100+ papers from 27 countries. Abstracts are available below, listed in order of presentation.
  • Thank you to all our presenters for your time and effort in preparing papers and presentations.

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MONDAY 21 MAY Click to view abstract (in presentation order)
Opening Address
AMIRA International Ltd
AustraliaWhat is Changing in the Global Minerals Industry - Delivering Value by Leveraging Resources -
Keynote Address
Kathryn C Sole Consulting/Process Ideas/Peter Cole Metallurgical Services
South AfricaFlowsheet Options for Cobalt Recovery in African Copper-Cobalt Hydrometallurgy Circuits
International Copper Study Group (ICSG)PortugalWorld Copper Mine Supply and Capacity Trends; Challenges for Copper Concentrate Miners, Smelters, Refineries, Byproducts and Waste Disposal
FM GlobalUSAUsing Process Safety Management to Manage Risk in Mineral and Metals Processing Facilities
Ramu Nickel Limited/
Peter Jolly, Consultant
PNG/AustraliaThe Ramu Nickel Operation: Improve Product Quality Through Optimizing Process Control
EGEMADTurkeyDevelopment of the Gördes Nickel-Cobalt HPAL Project Including Potential Scandium Recovery
Boyd Willis Hydromet Consulting/SGS Minerals MetallurgyAustraliaOwendale Scandium Project – Project Update and Metallurgical Testwork Overview
CleanTeQ/SolvayAustralia/USAUse of Predictive Modelling to Optimise the Solvent Extraction Process Design for CleanTeQ’s Sunrise Nickel-Cobalt Project
Université de Lorraine/
University of Queensland
France/AustraliaA Holistic Approach to Pre-Concentrate Nickel in Laterite Ores
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)/Vale Institute of Technology (ITV)BrazilSelective Sulfation of a Nickel Laterite Ore from a Brazilian Deposit
ArithmetekCanadaLaterite and the Commodity Price Cycle
Diemme® Filtration (Aqseptence Group)Italy/AustraliaDewatering and Washing of Nickel Laterite Tailings
Veolia Mining & Metallurgy/Murdoch University/Poseidon NickelAustraliaManaging Ultrafine Solids at Poseidon Nickel’s Mt Windarra Minesite
Weir MineralsNetherlandsDynamics of Piston Diaphragm Pumps in Autoclave Feed Applications
Velan/National Research Council of Canada/Callidus Welding SolutionsCanadaProtective Surface Treatment and Technology Roadmap for HPAL and POx Applications – Velan Update
CGISCanadaImplementing an SSV Standard Practice for the Hydrometallurgy Industry
Jord InternationalAustraliaThe Production of High Purity Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate Suitable for Lithium Ion Batteries by Evaporative Crystallisation
Cleanmetals SASwitzerlandCleanmetals Presentation of Metals Cementation in an Agitated Fluidized Bed (Copper Example)
MMG LXML Sepon/MMG Limited/
Huntsman Performance Products
Laos/AustraliaAmeliorating the Impact of Colloidal Silica on Copper SX – The MMG Sepon Example
BASF Mining SolutionsUSAThe Impact of Polymeric Clarifying Agents on the Phase Disengagement and Kinetics of Solvent Extraction
OutotecFinlandDevelopment, Design and Implementation of Outotec’s VSF X Solvent Extraction Technology
Ausenco/Miller Metallurgical International LimitedAustraliaDesign and Material Selection Considerations for Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Plants
SAME S.A.ChileApplication of Lagrange Energy Methods to Development of Acid Mist Control Technologies for Base Metals Electrowinning
InCoR Technologies/SNC-Lavalin/InCoR Energy Materials/LeadFX/ALS GlobalSwitzerland/Australia/
Cayman Islands
The Feasibility of Lead Metal Production at LeadFX’s Paroo Station Lead Mine
Rema Tip TopGermanyMaterials of Construction in Hydrometallurgy (Abstract in progress)
MINTEKSouth AfricaAutogenic Reagent Generation for Purification of Process Liquors: Case Studies
SNC-LavalinAustraliaThickener Design, Control and Development
Monash UniversityMalaysiaEvaluation of the Channelling Effect of Gravity Dominated Packed Beds Pertaining to Heap Leaching Hydrodynamics
Hydromet Processing of Copper, Nickel & Cobalt Sulphides Forum
Curtin University/CSIROAustraliaComparative Analysis of Lixiviant/Oxidant Systems for Chalcopyrite Leaching from Coarse Samples at Elevated Temperature
Murdoch UniversityAustraliaThe Use of Additives in the Leaching of Primary Copper Sulfides in Acidic Ferric Sulfate Media Under Recycle Solution Conditions Observed in Heap Leaching
Mining & Process Solutions AustraliaReview of Sequence Assay Schemes for Copper Speciation and its use in GlyLeach™
Mineral Engineering Technical Services (METS)AustraliaCopper Cobalt Gold Project Flowsheet Development
Teck Resources LimitedCanadaHydrometallurgical Cobalt Processing Development at CESL
Curtin UniversityAustraliaLeaching of Cobalt Bearing Nickel Sulfide (Cobalt Bearing Pentlandite Concentrates) and (Furnace and Converter) Mattes with Alkaline Glycine, and Subsequent SX and IX
TerrafameFinlandProcess Update on Dynamic Heap Bioleaching of a Black Schist Ore
Mondo Minerals Nickel Oy/Mintek/P Met. Consulting/Stephen Barnett, Consultant/ Geological Survey of FinlandFinland/South Africa/UKThe Mondo Minerals Nickel Sulfide Bioleach Project: Maximising Value Through Gold Recovery
Included in proceedings but not presented
Shankar Rao/Kalhan Guha,
Independent Consultants
IndiaA Short Overview of the Impact of the New Technology on Zambian Metallurgical Processing Operations

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WEDNESDAY 23 MAY Click to view abstract (in presentation order)
Keynote Address
Peninsula Energy Limited
USAKey Lessons Learned from the Application of ISR to Uranium
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) AustriaSupporting Good Practice and Development of Uranium In Situ Leach Mining Worldwide – IAEA Involvement
Newcrest Mining LimitedAustraliaApplication of ISL Technology for Recovery of Metals from Remnant Low-Grade Ores Post Block Cave Mining
Orano/KatcoFrance/KazakhstanOptimization of Low-Grade Uranium In-Situ Leaching in a Roll-Front Deposit, Kazakhstan
MINES Paris-Tech/OranoFrancePredictive Simulation and Optimization of Uranium In Situ Recovery Using 3D Reactive Transport Simulation at the Block Scale
University of Western Australia, Curtin University, University of LouisianaAustralia/USAModeling of Gold Recovery Through In-Situ Leaching Using Multi-Component Reactive Transport
CSA Global Pty Ltd/
ARMZ Holding
In-Situ Recovery. Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions
University of Western Australia/CSIROAustraliaTesting the Feasibility of Electrokinetic In Situ Leaching
Curtin UniversityAustraliaSeismic Ore Body Characterisation and ISR Monitoring
CSIRO Mineral ResourcesAustraliaReal Time Sensing Technology for Leaching Processes
ANSTO MineralsAustraliaLaboratory Testwork to Support the Development of Uranium ISR Operations
BASF Mining SolutionsAustraliaChemistry in the Service of ISR (Abstract in progress)
East China University of TechnologyChinaIn-Situ Bioleaching in 512 Uranium Deposit, NW-China
Newmont USA Limited/Bangor UniversityUSA/WalesIn Situ Metal Recovery: A Role for Microbiology
Monash UniversityAustraliaGeomimetics: Nature Informing ISR From Au-Bearing Sulphides and Ni Laterites

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THURSDAY 24 MAY Click to view abstract (in presentation order)
Opening Address
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
AustriaThe Challenges of Operating a Uranium Mill in the Modern Era
Keynote Address
Aleff Group
UKConstructive Disruption: Leveraging Key Intangibles for Smarter Uranium Projects
Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy (BRICEM)ChinaTechnological Innovation and Development of In-Situ Leaching Uranium in China
East China University of TechnologyChinaHeap Bioleaching in a Volcanic Rock Type Uranium Deposit, Southeast-China
ANSTO Minerals/BOSS Resources LtdAustraliaComparison of WBA and High Capacity SBA Resins for the Recovery of Uranium from Saline Leach Liquors
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) IAEA Sponsored PresenterIndiaDevelopment of an Efficient Precipitation Process for Product Recovery from Leach Liquor of a Low-Grade Dolostone Hosted Uranium (TBC)
ICSM/CEAFranceBifunctional Ligands for High Selective Extraction and Recovery of Uranium(Vi) from Acidic Media Including Phophoric Solutions
MEAB Chemie Technik/RWTH Aachen/ University of Helsinki/KU Leuven
Germany/Finland/ BelgiumAdvances on Scandium Recovery Beyond State of the Art
Northern MineralsAustraliaUpdate on Browns Range Project (Title TBC)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NorwayRecovery of Rare Earth Elements from a Norwegian Deposit
PuriTech LtdBelgiumRare Earth and Precious Metals Recovered by CCIX – Continuous Countercurrent Ion Exchange
Marcoule Institute for Separation Chemistry (ICSM)FranceMolecular Systems for Rare Earth Elements Extraction from Phosphoric Acid Medium
MEAB Chemie Technik /RWTH AachenGermanyScale: An Emerging Project for European Scandium Supply
ALTA Metallurgical ServicesAustraliaOpportunities for Producing Uranium Without Developing a New Mining Operation
University of QueenslandAustraliaDeportment of Radionuclides During Copper Concentrates Metathesis Reactions (Abstract in progress)
Lithium Processing Forum
Zeton IncCanadaDesign Considerations for Lithium Pilot Plants
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH/LANXESS Pty Ltd
Germany/AustraliaA Guide for Ion Exchange Resins Used in Lithium Concentrate Purification
Lithium Consultants AustralasiaAustraliaWhat is Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate?
Ausenco/Lithium Consultants AustralasiaAustraliaRemoval of Minor and Trace Impurities from Lithium Leach Liquors
Ausenco/Lithium Consultants Australasia/ Earendil Pty LtdAustraliaMitigating Innovative Plant Start-Up Risks
Ausenco/Earendil Pty LtdAustraliaThe Sonora Lithium Project – Molding Success from Clay
Arithmetek/OLI SystemsCanada/USAAqueous Chemistry of Lithium Production
ANSTO MineralsAustraliaLepidolite Processing Using Sulphation Baking: A Comparison Against Conventional Processing Flowsheets
CSIRO EnergyAustraliaA Study of Lithium and Lead-Acid Battery Properties
Lithium AustraliaAustraliaLithium – From Mantle to Motor Vehicle

Sponsored by Koch Knight

THURSDAY 24 MAY Click to view abstract
Keynote Address
ZiJin Mining Group
ChinaTreatment of Refractory Gold Ores in China
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS)AustraliaMinimising the Exposure to Hazardous Contaminants in Gold Rooms
Chrysos Corporation/CSIRO/
University of Wollongong
AustraliaDevelopment and Operation of PhotonAssay System for Rapid Analysis of Gold in Mineral Ores
Baltic Scientific Instruments/CORADLatvia/RussiaOptimization of an Industrial Gamma-Activation Assay System for the Analysis of Gold and Rare Earth Metal Ores
Tony Parry & AssociatesAustraliaPossible Applications of Ore Sorting in Gold Mining and Processing Operations – An Economic Analysis
Mineral Engineering Technical Services (METS)AustraliaTransitioning From Single Stage SAG Mill Through to Fine Crushing and Ball Milling
Jenike & Johanson Pty LtdAustraliaBulk Materials Science; The Key to Taking Heap Leach Performance from Good to Great
Synergen Met Pty LtdAustraliaModular Process Plant for On-Site Production of Cyanide (Abstract in progress)
Gekko Systems/Curtin UniversityAustraliaModern Carbon Management: 'Gold in the Bank not your Tailings Dam'
SGS Canada/B2Gold CorpCanada/
Optimizing B2Gold’s Masbate carbon circuit using CIP/CIL modelling
MINTEK South AfricaValidation of a New Technology for Gold Recovery from Carbon Fines
Earendil Pty Ltd/AusencoAustraliaCarbon Kiln Sizing Testwork
FRIDAY 25 MAY Click to view abstract
Curtin UniversityAustraliaProcessing of High Silver Gold Ores with GlyCat™ Technology (Abstract in progress)
Mining & Process Solutions AustraliaReducing Cyanide Consumption of Gold Ores by Glycine Preleach for Copper Removal
MINTEK South AfricaDirect Comparison of Cyanide and Five Alternative Lixiviants for the Treatment of Non-Refractory Copper-Containing Gold Ore
Refractory and Complex Gold Ores Forum
CSIRO Mineral ResourcesAustraliaIn Situ Characterization of Sulfide Minerals During Leaching Processes
University of AdelaideAustraliaA Modelling Program for Natural Oxidation of Pyrite in Refractory Gold-Bearing Waste Rock
Curtin UniversityAustraliaA Salt-Roast Direct Leach Approach to Chromite Rich Platinum Group Metal Ores (Abstract in progress)
MINTEK South AfricaPractical Insights from Fundamental Studies on Iron-Arsenic POX Residues
Outotec Biomin (Pty) Ltd/Alel Financial Investment Corporation Joint Stock Company/NordgoldSouth Africa/ Kazakhstan/
Application of the HiTeCC Technology at Nordgold’s Suzdal Operation to Combat Preg Robbing and Enhance Gold Recovery
MINTEK South AfricaTreatment Options for Processing Double Refractory Material from the Barberton Greenstone Belt in South Africa
WoodAustraliaÇöpler Sulphide Expansion Project Construction Update (Abstract in progress)
Outotec Biomin (Pty) Ltd/Outotec (Finland) OySouth Africa/FinlandContinued Development of the BIOX Process for the Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores
Included in proceedings but not presented
University of VendaSouth AfricaEconomic Appraisal of Mine Tailings at Mintails Gold Mine, South Africa

Click to view abstract
Conference Opening AddressDr Stephen Grocott
Chairman, AMIRA International Ltd
Chief Technical Development Officer, Clean TeQ Limited
Professional Bio
What is Changing in the Global Minerals Industry - Delivering Value by Leveraging Resources
Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Keynote AddressDr Kathy Sole
Kathryn C. Sole Consulting
(South Africa)
Professional Bio
Co-authored by
Mr John Parker, Managing Director, Process Ideas (South Africa)
Professional Bio
Mr Peter Cole, Peter Cole Metallurgical Services (South Africa)
Professional Bio
Flowsheet Options for Cobalt Recovery in African Copper-Cobalt Hydrometallurgy Circuits
ISR Symposium Keynote AddressMr Wayne Heili
Managing Director and CEO
Peninsula Energy Limited (USA)
Professional Bio
Key Lessons Learned from the Application of ISR to Uranium
Uranium-REE-Lithium Opening AddressDr Brett Moldovan
Uranium Production Specialist
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Professional Bio
The Challenges of Operating a Uranium Mill in the Modern Era
Uranium-REE-Li Keynote AddressDr Julian Hilton
Aleff Group (UK)
Professional Bio
Constructive Disruption: Leveraging Key Intangibles for Smarter Uranium Projects
Gold-PM Keynote AddressDr James Wang
Deputy Executive Director
State Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Utilization of Low Grade and Refractory Gold Ores
Zijin Mining Group (China)
Professional Bio
Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores in China
Dinner AddressMr Alan Taylor
Managing Director
ALTA Metallurgical Services (Australia)
Professional Bio
A Metallurgist’s Musings, Speculations and What-ifs on Future Industry Driving Forces and Trends

Three international conferences plus a symposium in one week

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Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Sessions (21-23 May) 

  • including Hydromet Processing of Copper, Nickel & Cobalt Sulphides Forum & Panel
  • In Situ Recovery (ISR) Symposium (23 May)  *New*  More information
    concludes with discussion and Q&A
  • Uranium-REE-Lithium Sessions (24-25 May)
    including Lithium Processing Forum & Panel
  • Gold-PM Sessions (24-25 May)  
    including Refractory and Complex Gold Ores Forum & Panel


Practically-oriented pre and post-conference short courses presented by Alan Taylor

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