Lithium Processing Forum & Panel

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Commences 9:30am Friday 25 May and concludes with panel discussion and open Q&A chaired by Grant Harman, Consultant, Lithium Consultants Australasia.

As numerous projects are moving towards commercialisation, this forum includes 10 technical papers focussing on key aspects of lithium ore processing, followed by a panel offering a hard to come by opportunity for open discussion.  Panel topics cover realistic ramp up times, status of novel flowsheets, treatment of secondary lithium minerals, potential use of lithium carbonate instead of lithium hydroxide, lithium content for direct shipped ore, and  potential for oversupply of spodumene, lithium carbonate and or lithium hydroxide, plus topics raised from the floor.

 Presenting Organisation/sClick to view abstracts
Zeton IncCanadaDesign Considerations for Lithium Pilot Plants
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH/LANXESS Pty LtdGermany/AustraliaA Guide for Ion Exchange Resins Used in Lithium Concentrate Purification
Lithium Consultants AustralasiaAustraliaWhat is Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate?
Ausenco/Lithium Consultants AustralasiaAustraliaRemoval of Minor and Trace Impurities from Lithium Leach Liquors
Ausenco/Lithium Consultants Australasia/ Earendil Pty LtdAustraliaMitigating Innovative Plant Start-Up Risks
Ausenco/Earendil Pty LtdAustraliaThe Sonora Lithium Project – Molding Success from Clay
Arithmetek/OLI SystemsCanada/USAAqueous Chemistry of Lithium Production
ANSTO MineralsAustraliaLepidolite Processing Using Sulphation Baking: A Comparison Against Conventional Processing Flowsheets
CSIRO EnergyAustraliaA Study of Lithium and Lead-Acid Battery Properties
Lithium AustraliaAustraliaLithium – From Mantle to Motor Vehicle
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