Refractory and Complex Gold Ores Forum

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The Forum is part of the Gold-PM sessions and commences 11:00am Friday 25 May.  It concludes with panel discussion and open Q&A chaired by Alan Taylor, Metallurgical Consultant/Managing Director, ALTA Metallurgical Services.

This forum features 8 technical papers covering characterisation of sulphide minerals, modelling of pyrite oxidation, salt roast direct leach of PGM ores, downstream behaviour of iron-arsenic POX products, commercial HITECC operation to combat pregrobbing, treatment options for double refractory material, expansion of a commercial POX operation, and continued development of the BIOX Process.

The final panel is a valuable opportunity for interaction with international presenters and delegates. Topics include technical/economics implications of increasing S:Au and Impurity: Au ratios in ores, trends in process technology for recent projects, progress in alternative lixiviants, prospects for new innovations such as METOXS® molten salt technology. status and prospects for collaborative R&D, plus questions/comments from the floor.

 Presenting Organisation/sClick to view abstracts
CSIRO Mineral ResourcesAustraliaIn Situ Characterization of Sulfide Minerals During Leaching Processes
University of AdelaideAustraliaA Modelling Program for Natural Oxidation of Pyrite in Refractory Gold-Bearing Waste Rock
Curtin UniversityAustraliaA Salt-Roast Direct Leach Approach to Chromite Rich Platinum Group Metal Ores (Abstract in progress)
MINTEK South AfricaPractical Insights from Fundamental Studies on Iron-Arsenic POX Residues
Outotec Biomin (Pty) Ltd/Alel Financial Investment Corporation Joint Stock Company/NordgoldSouth Africa/
Application of the HiTeCC Technology at Nordgold’s Suzdal Operation to Combat Preg Robbing and Enhance Gold Recovery
MINTEK South AfricaTreatment Options for Processing Double Refractory Material from the Barberton Greenstone Belt in South Africa
WoodAustraliaÇöpler Sulphide Expansion Project Construction Update (Abstract in progress)
Outotec Biomin (Pty) Ltd/
Outotec (Finland) Oy
South Africa/
Continued Development of the BIOX Process for the Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores
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