24 Hour Global Muster

Be part of it no matter where you are!

We are excited to partner with Amira Global to deliver an outstanding global online collaborative event that will provide you with an avenue to keep the innovation pipeline moving forward.

Spanning a full 24 hours, Amira will host conversations, discussions, panels, workshops and roadmapping allowing the world to collaborate and shine a light on the latest advances, showcase research, development, technology, innovation and implementation. Dr Aleksandar Nikoloski, Associate Professor, Academic Chair, Extractive Metallurgy at Murdoch University will chair the Muster.

Register your interest to present, take part in a panel, showcase technology and debate the critical issues in our industry.

  • Theme 1: Resources: main commodities, critical minerals, by-products, secondary materials, uneconomic
  • Theme 2: Processing: mining, beneficiation, pre-treatment, process chemistry, technology
  • Theme 3: Automation: characterisation, design, simulation, monitoring, operation
  • Theme 4: Environment: humans, water, energy, waste, sustainability

Join us in this global collaboration, identify the gaps, bring together the world’s best brains, and facilitate an acceleration of knowledge transfer, skills development and idea generation. 

  • Amira Global members: FREE
  • ALTA 2020 delegates: FREE
  • General registration: AU $100 (+ 10% GST)

Published 30 April 2020

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