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ALTA 2013 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Opening Address:
Innovation in Mineral Processing: Where are we Headed?
Jonathan Law, CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship (Australia)
ALTA 2013 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Validation of Nickel Laterite Diagnostic Leaching Protocol Rebecca Meakin, CSIRO Minerals Down Under Flagship (Australia)
ALTA 2013 Uranium-REE Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Complex and Low Grade Deposits Christopher Pawlik, MINTEK
(South Africa)
ALTA 2013 Uranium-REE Ion Exchange Resins for Uranium Recovery: The Durability Question Explored Johanna van Deventer, Purolite (South Africa)
ALTA 2013 Gold Water Management for Gold Recovery Using Alternative Lixiviants to Cyanide Stephen La Brooy, Ausenco;
Paul Smith, Proxa Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)
ALTA 2012 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Bacterial Leaching at Elevated pH Using BioHeap™ Technology Jason Fewings & Shawn Seet,
Western Areas NL (Australia)
ALTA 2012 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Chuquicamata Retrofit and Franke - Recent CU Solvent Extraction Projects Implmented by Outotec Jarkko Hakkarainen, Outotec (Finland); Alexis Villarroel, Arturo Sotomayor,
Claudio Rodríguez, Outotec (Chile)
ALTA 2012 Uranium Uranium Heap Leach Modeling François Geffroy, Mining BG, Areva (France) & David Dixon, University of British Columbia (Canada)
ALTA 2012 Gold Keynote Address:
Challenges and Opportunities in the Treatment of Refractory Gold Ores
Robert Dunne, Newmont Mining Corporation (USA)
ALTA 2011 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Coral Bay Nickel HPAL Plant Expansion Project James Elson Llerin, Isao Nishikawa & Munekazu Kawata, Coral Bay
Nickel Corporation (Philippines)
ALTA 2011 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper Recovering Copper and Gold in Chloride System by Nikko Chloride Process Kazuaki Takebayashi, Kazuhiro Hatano, Hiroshi Hosaka & Yoshifumi Abe,
JX Nippon Mining and Metals Corporation (Japan)
ALTA 2011 Uranium Designing Uranium Plants Chris Panaou, Hatch Associates Pty Ltd (Australia) & Mark Bellino
Hatch Associates Pty Ltd (Canada)
ALTA 2011 Gold Optical Sorting of Witwatersrand Gold Ores: An update Waste Rock Dump Sorting at Gold Fields; Run-of-Mine Sorting at Central Rand Gold L von Ketelhodt, CommodasUltrasort
(Pty) Ltd (South Africa) & LM Falcon and RMS Falcon, The University
of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

Event / Conference
Title and Download
AusIMM Melbourne Technical Meeting, September 2013 What's Happening in Copper Hydromet
AusIMM Bendigo Technical Meeting, August 2013 Developments in the Processing of Refractory Complex Gold Ores
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt-Copper, 2013 PAL - The Great Survivor Part II
TMS Nickel-Cobalt, 2013 Laterites - Still a Frontier of Nickel Process Developoment
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt-Copper 2011 PAL - The Great Survivor
ALTA Gold 2011 Keys to Successful Gold Heap Leaching
ALTA Uranium 2011 Uranium Project Development - Adopting the Right Approach
ALTA Gold 2010 Gold Technology Developments and Trends
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt 2009 Trends in Nickel Cobalt Processing
ALTA Uranium 2009 Uranium Heap Leaching Gaining Popularity
ALTA Uranium 2008 Review of Uranium CIX and RIP Systems
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt 2007 Nickel Processing Technology 10 Years on from Cawse Bulong Murrin Murrin
ALTA Uranium 2007 Innovations and Trends in Uranium Ore Treatment
ALTA Copper 2007 Review of Mixer-Settler Types and Other Possible Contactors for Copper SX
ALTA Copper 2005 Design of CuSX Plants to Minimize Static and Other Fire Risks in the Light of Recent Industry Fires
ALTA Copper 2003 Overview of Gangue Mineralogy Issues in Oxide Copper Heap Leaching
ALTA Copper 2002 New Approach to Heap Leach Modeling and Scale-Up
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt 2001 Jervois Mining Young Ni-Co Laterite Prefeasability Study Testwork Review
ASSDA, 2000 The Use of Stainless and Other High Performance Alloys in Hydrometallurgy Process Plants for the Recovery of Metal
World Nickel Congress, 2000 The Outlook for the PAL Process
ALTA Nickel-Cobalt 2000 Future Trends in PAL Plant Design for Ni-Co Laterites
ALTA Copper 1999 Hydrometallurigcal Treatment of Copper Sulphies - Are We on the Brink
AMF, 1999 Solvent Extraction Mixer-Settler Design
AusIMM Sydney, 1981 The Seventies - A Decade of Hydrometallurgical Advance - AusIMM 1981

Title and Download
Gold & Minerals Gazette, March 2010 Gold Ore Processing Not Standing Still
Gold & Minerals Gazette, March 2007 Copper Hydromet Gaining Ground for Sulphide Ores
Gold & Minerals Gazette, April 2005 Spate of SX Plant Fires Rocks Copper Industry
Gold & Minerals Gazette, February 2005 Feasibility Studies - Foundation or Fantasy
Gold & Minerals Gazette, April 2004 Plenty of Hydromet Action in 2004
Gold & Minerals Gazette, October 2003 Can Uranium Make a Come Back
Gold & Minerals Gazette, July 2003 What's Happening in SX Technology
Gold & Minerals Gazette, April 2003 Heap Bioleaching Pushing the Envelope
Gold & Minerals Gazette, January 2003 Goro Key to Future of PAL
Gold & Minerals Gazette, September 2002 Big Guns in Copper Concentrate Leaching Race
Gold & Minerals Gazette, May 2002 Copper Heap Leach Design - Hit or Miss
Gold & Minerals Gazette, February 2002 Copper SX-EW - Any Rivals in Sight
Gold & Minerals Gazette, November 2001 Laterites Dead and Buried or Alive and Kicking


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